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No promises, becuz I r still swamped, but the new style might make me more likely to hang out here!

Because, PURPLE and PRETTY!11!!!1
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We all have false starts, ideas, stuff tucked away. I tend to be able to come back to older projects and start up again, but there are some things I'm finding in old files that I doubt I will ever finish. So I thought I'd post a few over here!

This piece is dated 1999, and has languished undone ever since it was begun in what I totally admit was a fit of rage.

A Green Thought in a Green Shade )
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It's been a hectic few months: nothing like deciding to co-write, with a friend, a major huge big-ass grant in April, then finding the perfect place to submit it for a JUNE deadline within the first week. Yes, it was really that way: we did it, but I'm not sure how. It's not how I recommend writing grants, but, well, inspiration struck, and we went with it. I'm actually am fairly sure how we did it--she did a huge percentage of the work, especially the stuff relating to regression analysis.

I've been delayed in my novel writing in part because of grants (I have another one I'm working on--to my surprise, I have discovered I like writing grants! And my friend likes writing grants because it's a break from department heading), and in part because of preparation for the Tolkien Institute which starts Monday, and some administrative work, plus my on-going scholarship in other areas.

However, the novel is going to be finished and submitted this year.

I'm currently considering submitting to Lethe Press. I learned about the press because it's reprinting Melissa Scott's Shadow Man [It is a fraking criminal thing that so much of Melissa Scott's work is out.of.print and not.readily.available--she's just one of the most brilliant sf writers EVAH, period.] *ahem*

Anyway--reprint! And I started mousing around on their site, and went whoo-hoo, I could submit Wanton Gods to them.

cut for length and spoilery details about vampire novel and OTHER novel )
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A quick bookmarking post (I'm in Michigan at K'zoo, away from home computers, argh) for perfect icon: DW/LJ Make Love NOt War ahahahaha!

I knew there had to be slash out there.
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Received an invite code today because of setting up openid and validating my email address. Am thinking of using this as a writing journal at the moment. (For my profic not my fanfic!)


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